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Nescafe e Smart Coffee maker | Smart App Enabled Coffee mug


Are you a coffee lover like me then there is good news for you. The world leader in Coffee brewing business Nescafe has come up with a mobile app based Nescafe e smart coffee maker which is going to transform your coffee making and drinking experience to a great extent.

This e cup Nescafe coffee machine is not just a mug but an all-in-one coffee machine in the shape of Mug and Therefore it serves both the purposes i.e you can use it as coffee machine and as a mug to Drink that delicious coffee.
The whole experience of making coffee can Easily be controlled through their NESCAFÉ É Connected Mug app.
The Nescafe e smart coffee maker can be used to prepare

  • Frothy Coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Cool Creamy Iced Coffee
  • Expresso Coffe

É comes with a Bluetooth docking station and a Mobile App for easy coffee preparation. While preparing the coffee,  you can chat with other E users and share your experience and make new Freinds.


  1. 210 ml Volume which is equal to the volume of a normal coffee mug.
  2. Can prepare coffee in 60 to 90 seconds.
  3. Silent Operations: Heat and froth the coffee without making any Noise.
  4. Double Stainless steel walls with Thermal insulation for your safety.
  5. Beverage settings can be done via Bluetooth.
  6. Nescafe e Smart Mug is Dishwasher Safe.
  7. Size is compatible with the Car Mug Holders. So you can enjoy coffee while Driving.
  8. All pure Nescafe  Soluble coffees and mixes can be used.
  9. You can interact with fellow users up to a distance of 50 Kms
  10. 1-year manufacturers warranty.

Nescafe E  Cons:

  1. Can be used for one cup coffee only.
  2. Spares are not available in nearby Stores.
  3. International warranty not available.
  4. Available only in Black Color as of now.
  5. Service is available in Limited areas only. Where ever service is not available, only phone support will be provided.



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