How to select kitchen cabinets?

Selecting a  new type of kitchen cabinets or replacing the old cabinets with a new type can be a daunting task. There are so many options available for woods, styles, finishes, and hardware to choose from. Sometimes, what otherwise should be an enjoyable and exciting experience can turn out to be stressful and confusing.

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Though there is no tried and tested system to choose a cabinet, the best way is to concentrate on one area at a time before deciding on other.

You can make your decisions in the order laid out below or you can create your own order to focus on the anticipation of your perfect kitchen cabinets one by one rather than the number of choices you have to make at same time.

Select the Style | Your Imagination at the best:


The first thing you should concentrate on while choosing the kitchen cabinet is to figure out the look your new cabinets should have and what overall impact you want them to have in your kitchen.
You may surf through the pages of some home decor magazines and books of kitchen styles to find kitchen cabinets that you like.

You may Decide if you want something muted, stand-out, country kitchen or clean and modern.
Deciding your design preference ahead of visiting a cabinet store or engaging a carpenter will make it a lot easier for you to decide, what you like when you are looking at actual cabinets at store or design catalog available with your carpenter.

You’ll probably notice that you certainly love and prefer a certain style over others.  Probably that will help you to narrow down the choices to a few specific designs. Just write down describing in your own words if you can’t think of the category it falls into.

Choose the Wood for your Cabinet:

While selecting the wood for your kitchen cabinet, You would like to decide if you want to go for particle wood or Plywood. This question is really difficult to answer. Many people would think that Plywood is the better option. This may be true but if you are on a tight budget, choosing a costly wood may just be an unnecessary luxury.

I can assure you that even particle wood cabinets can sustain for lot many years.  Therefore,  do not overshoot your budget in preferring Plywood over Particle wood without any reason. Lot many manufacturer offer lifetime warranties on particle wood cabinets. That would not be possible if particle board is an unsuitable option.

Nowadays, you may have seen a lot of advertisement offering “All wood” or “Solid wood” cabinets at a reasonable price. The “All wood” or “Solid wood” implies that they do not use particle wood. These may be Chinese or imported cabinets. They are offering at a competitive price as they are manufacturing cabinets on a large scale cutting down the overheads in manufacturing cost. Bulk Manufacturing allows them to manufacture and sell plywood cabinets at a reasonable price.
Both substrates i.e Plywood and particle wood are suitable to hold up a countertop or even a heavy natural stone such as granite or marble.

Some buyers believe that plywood is more suitable for high humidity environments. This may definitely be true but plywood has its own drawbacks in high humid environments. Most cabinets made of plywood are also finished with a veneer or laminate that matches the stain on the cabinets which may peel off when exposed to extreme humidity.
As it turns out, plywood is only marginally better than particle board. If budget is not a constraint then plywood would be a welcomed upgrade. But if you are on a tight budget and are looking to get the best for the price, compromising on the substrate is not the end of the world. For most applications, a particle board kitchen cabinet will hold up just as well as a full plywood kitchen cabinet box.

What else you may be considering when choosing Wood:

Walnut and ebony are much more expensive than others.

Birch may not be as costly but does not always give a uniform stain.

Mahogany is very dark and looks best in a formal kitchen.

Cherry is elegant and can be stained in many shades.

The general suggestion is to choose a wood that fits your budget and is durable enough till your next upgrade.

Decide On A Finish | to match the taste:

The three main options for the finish on your kitchen cabinets may be

  1. If you like your kitchen cabinets to look as natural as possible then you can leave the wood with its natural color and have the cabinets varnished.
  2. If you are keen on Deeper and darker color with the pattern of wood still visible then you can have a stain added to give them color but allow the grain to show through.
  3. You may like a modern kitchen with everything having a unique and uniform color then you can have them painted, which will create almost any color but hide the grain.

Whatever you choose, you have to keep in mind that once your kitchen cabinets are finished, it will be time-consuming, and expensive, to make changes to them.

Choosing new kitchen cabinets for your home doesn’t have to be a difficult process and a little research and creativity on your part will allow you to make the best decision with ease.
Only You can tell what looks best in your home and closely matches your imagination and taste.

In case you have any question further, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

  1. Hey Renu, was looking for a kitchen cabinet. I glad I ran across this info on your site.

    I agree with you. Buying a new kitchen cabinet is a daunting task since sellers are not offered tried and tested program.

    I like the country kitchen and plan to replace the old one. Can you help me where to buy it at the most competitive price?

    Thank you.

    • Thanks, Maun for visiting my website. I am glad that my post has offered some help. You can look out which is offering a handsome discount on country cabinets.

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