How To Use An Electric Smoker ?

How to Use an Electric Smoker ?

In the past smoking was used to preserve the food. When refrigerators and chemical preservatives were not available, smoke was utilized to extend the shelf life of food, meat in particular. Nowadays smoked foods have become worldwide favorites since smoking adds flavor and browning and give great barbeque taste.

How-To-Use-An-Electric-SmokerTable of Contents0.1 How to use an Electric Smoker:0.2   Reading Manufacturer’s Manual is must:0.3 Preparing the Meat :0.4 Preparing the Smoker :0.5 Using Wood Chips in Your Electric Smoker :0.5.1 Using Wood Chips Even When Your Smoker Isn’t Necessarily Designed for Them0.5.2 Adding the Meat :0.6 Smoking Process :0.7 Ready to Enjoy :

Most people used to go out to enjoy the smoked foods since most of us do not have the time to set up and maintain a smoker while working fulltime or housewives taking care of children.Those days are gone now with the advent new range of Smokers using the advance Technology. You can enjoy the great barbeque taste at home with your electric smoker, Charcoal Smoker or gas Smoker without hassles.

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I will touch new charcoal Smoker and Gas Smokers later but today I will give tips on how to use an electric Smoker as, unlike the traditional smokers electric smokers do not require much attention. It is just like cooking the meat. Plug it and leave it to cook your meat or cheese or vegetables and recreate that smoke flavor, you loved at a preset temperature. So enjoy, relax and party on weekend with your family at home rather than going out.

How to use an Electric Smoker:

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I congratulate you on buying your electric smoker, now it is time to put it to work following me step by step.Normally Horizontal type of smokers can be used in all the seasons but vertical smokers are difficult to use in winter season due to more heat loss.

  Reading Manufacturer’s Manual is must:

The majority of electric Smokers work in the same way as the functioning is similar but it is always advisable to read the manufacturer’s instructions manual before putting smoker into use.

Getting Your Smoker Ready for Use:

You must ensure that :

  • Your smoker is in a well-ventilated area.
  • Smoker is lying on a flat surface.
  • Your smoker is away from inflammable items.
  • It is away from the range of your children.
  • Seasoning your Electric SmokerIf you are using your Electric Smoker for the first time, you should season it first. Seasoning the smoker is much like seasoning a pan and is very simple. You only need to coat inside of smoker with cooking oil and heat it by turning it on for close to two hours to make sure that oil gets into everywhere. Afterward, allow it to cool by opening the lid. Done, t is ready for use now.

Preparing the Meat :

Preparing the meat or fish for smoking is no different from usual preparing. You can use your own old family recipe. You may like to season the meat with spices or marinade it or may opt for dry rub Some people like to keep the seasoned meat overnight so that seasoning have a chance to get properly absorbed.

Preparing the Smoker :

If you have purchased an electric water smoker, it will have a water filling compartment which is to be filled with water before turning it on or else just plug it and turn it on.

Using Wood Chips in Your Electric Smoker :

Nowadays most the electric smokers are designed to use wood chips to have that great smoky flavor. The area may be located under the heat source. normally four of cups of wood chips is enough for three to five hours of smoking. You may opt for any of the popular choices for Wood chips which include cedar, Applewood, maple, cherry or plum.Now your smoker is set up it is time to set it to your desired temperature.

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Using Wood Chips Even When Your Smoker Isn’t Necessarily Designed for Them

Some electric smokers may not have the wood chip pan, there are still ways to use the wood chips by putting them is an empty tin can. You can cut the can from the top and left the rest of it as it is.

Adding the Meat :

It is important not to add your meat to the smoker till the desired temperature is reached. You can refer the smoking time and temperature chart for this purpose. Once the smoker has attained the desired temperature, place the meat or fish it on the rack before carefully returning it to the smoker. Try to do it fast so that inside temperature is not lost.

Smoking Process :

Depending upon the size of cut pieces of meat or fish, Smoking time may take three to eight hours. If you are smoking something, which will take more than three hours, please top up the smoke chips every three hours.

Ready to Enjoy :

Now once ready you can remove the meat from your electric smoker by just sliding the rack out. Just finally turning your electric smoker off, it is always advised to check if the meat or fish is fully cooked. You can use and insert a thermometer into the meat to check if it is at the desired temperature. If not, you may like to give it some more time before removing.Once the meat is cooked, it is time to enjoy it immediately your choice of barbeques accompaniments like a plate of cornbread and coleslaw.

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  1. I will definitely use the smoker is in a well-ventilated area. However I will probably put it in a balcony and the temperature is quite high in my city. Will this cause a problem?

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