How To Select a Microwave Oven?

 How To Select a Microwave Oven:


Microwave ovens are amazing kitchen appliance to warm, grill or bake. Microwave ovens are used in cooking a variety of recipes and food items including veg and non-veg like popcorn, chicken grills, kebabs, pizza, and muffins etc. They can even be used to reheat frozen food. Microwave ovens cook in minutes and help in saving time and energy.

Factors involved in Selecting a Microwave Oven:

There are lots of factors involved in selecting the best microwave oven for your kitchen.

  1. Kitchen Size
  2. Family Size
  3. Your Food Habits
  4. Features
  5. And of course Cost…

Different Type of Microwave Ovens:

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Based on construction and operations there are three different types of Microwave ovens available in the market

  • Solo type microwave oven These are entry-level models in microwave oven category for simple cooking. Solo type microwave ovens are best for Reheating and simple cooking.
  • Grill type microwave ovens Grill type Microwave ovens, provided with additional grilling are suitable mainly for making sandwiches, grilling meat or vegetables like Cottage Cheese (Paneer).
  • Convection type microwave ovens A Convection type microwave ovens blow hot air using a fan and a heating element to cook the food by creating airflow patterns. It almost decreases the cooking time by 25%. Convection type microwave ovens the vent to take air in and blow out. These types of ovens are best for grilling and baking.
  • Combined Microwave Ovens

Nowadays most of the ovens combined Microwave with either convection or grill accessories.

Points to be considered before shopping for a microwave?

You must determine the space you can allocate to the microwave oven in your kitchen. The next thing to be considered is the usage i.e. how often you are going to use the microwave oven. I have seen lots of my friends only use ovens only for baking cakes occasionally. But working Moms normally use the ovens for grilling and reheating. If you’re in a combined family then you should go for a large microwave maybe 1.6 t0 2 cu.ft which can handle big containers. If space is constraints or you are a small family you can choose a small one between 1 to 1.4 cu.ft.

What is Microwave technology?

A microwave is an electromagnetic wave having a wavelength in the range 0.001–0.3 m. This range is shorter than that of a normal radio wave but longer than infrared radiation. In Microwave ovens, these waves are generated. Microwaves are used in radar for communications, for heating in microwave ovens and also in various industrial processes.

What should I look for in the store?

Once planned to buy the Microwave oven, you must consider the important features which would help you avoiding guesswork while preparing the food and ad safety to the Microwave oven. The oven must be user-friendly and have a decent look.

How To Select a Microwave Oven:

 Main Features to look out for:


The timer is used to bring the microwave to standby position and end heating/ cooking program automatically after a Preset specified time. Once you know the heating time, it would be quite handy to set the timer for that duration rather than standing there and checking repeatedly.


Pre-heating of the oven is mainly required for baking cakes, cookies or some other recipes requiring grill function. Pre-heating is used to heat the oven to a pre-set temperature before cooking.

Auto Cook:

Autocook program provides the preset timer and temperature according to the dish to be cooked. Once you select the particular dish code and its weight, this feature will automatically set the power (or temperature) at which the dish will be cooked and its cooking time.

Child Lock:

This is a safety feature which has been provided keeping the child’s safety in view. In the ovens having this feature, you can set a code to open the front door. Suppose your child is alone at home you may want to ensure that they should not put their hands in the oven accidentally as Microwave ovens are quite hot inside during working.


Defrost function is used to defrost frozen food quickly by using this functionality. You just have to enter frozen food’s weight and microwave will automatically choose the best-preset program for defrosting. You have the option to program manually by setting up desired temperature and time depending upon food’s weight.

Panel Types:

Microwave ovens are normally available with any one of the three types of control Panel i.e. Mechanical, Tact Dial Type and Feather Touch. Feather-touch panels normally come in upper-end models and add a decent look to the microwave oven. The Feather-touch panels are designed to sense your fingers.


A rotisserie is a special type of grilling accessory used for proper grilling of the mutton, chicken and cottage cheese etc by rotating it on a rotisserie bar.


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Other Accessories:

Some manufacturer offers few more accessories along with their microwaves. These include special gloves, Microwave saves utensils or microwave stands. These accessories can also be purchased from the market as and when required.

I hope this article have helped you in selecting the best Microwave oven for You. Here are my recommendations.


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