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Travel Insurance for Coronavirus | Whatever You need to Know


Travel Insurance for Coronavirus:

The world has come to a standstill due to the outbreak of Covid-19, making it hard to plan for travel. There is cessation of movement in some parts of the world, professionals who provide essential services, or persons who have to travel back home. Insurers around the world are looking for ways to take care of their clients.


As you plan to go on a must- trip, you have to be aware of the insurance cover available. Luckily, insurance providers will pay for your medical emergency costs and help you go back home in case you get infected with Coronavirus on your trip. But you have to undertake a medical history check so that the policy provider is aware of your pre-existing ailments. Research has shown that persons living with a terminal illness are at a higher risk of catching the virus.

How Covid-19 has changed Travel Insurance

The world is experiencing lockdowns in many countries, which means one cannot travel, especially for non-essential reasons. The movement restrictions have taken a toll on the people because they cannot be with their loved ones or get a break from this situation through traveling.

The virus has caused many fatalities, and the infections are increasing fast every day. Insurance companies are putting measures in place to handle the high numbers of cancellations and refunds request. Hundreds of people are affected, and there is nothing they can do but stay at home.

Increased Cancellation requests

Ordinarily, if you fail to travel for a given reason, you get a refund of the payments that you paid the insurer, under the terms and conditions that you had agreed. Logically, the travel policy helps if your health is affected while on a trip. Insurance companies are looking at various factors before they can consider a reimbursement.

If you got the cover before the travel restrictions, you are entitled to repayment. However, travelers who took a cover risking to travel to the areas that are profoundly affected, and knew about the travel warnings, it is hard to lay a claim. Many insurance companies have excluded Coronavirus from the travel cover, and they cannot refund for a trip that has been canceled due to the disease.

If you must travel, take note of the terms that insurance has to offer. You will get partial coverage, mostly for the medical bills, if the virus infects you as you travel, and the insurer will also help you get back home.

ER Services for Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is supposed to cater to the unforeseen health issues when traveling. Coronavirus is a high risk, and a large number of travelers are infected. Your emergency costs would be paid by the insurer only if you had traveled before your country had restricted its citizens.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has become a global disaster, and there is no single country you can visit without restriction. It is hard to travel because even the insurance companies are losing business as they stay at home. If you must go on trip, ask your insurance provider to take you through what they have to offer due to the pandemic so that you can buy a cover knowing the terms.

The insurance industry should respond to the current market situation as the needs have shifted due to the covid19. This sector is experiencing business loss, just like the other sectors as governments close their border and limit travel. Here are some reasons that have made it hard to get a Corona Virus travel cover:

  • Insurers are not selling traveling covers as they grapple with pre-existing contracts that have been submitted for refund.
  • The companies are losing business because no events are taking around place anywhere in the world, and airlines have also downed their tools.
  • Some companies that are still selling have added more terms to cushion their organizations from the effects of this outbreak. But, the terms are appealing to buyers leading to low sales.

Travel Insurance Policy vs. COVID-19

Insurers will not reimburse your cover cost doe to the Coronavirus, and the terms are stricter. These companies have given a deadline, after which they will not consider a reclaim based on the buying date. The new terms are clear that the pandemic related reason does qualify for a repayment. This is a hard time to take a trip.

If you fall sick and the diagnosis is covid19, making you unable to travel, the insurer will refund you because your trip has been cancelled due to health issues. The inconveniences caused by the virus are also not covered by most policies. For example, you cannot claim if you miss your flight due to long screening queues at the airports. However, if you cancel your trip, you will get partial payments depending on the terms from the insurer.

Today, the best travel insurance to buy is the one that allows you to cancel unconditionally. The price is usually up to 12% of the total trip cost but is worth it, and you will get a refund due to covid19.

Coronavirus has influenced the way travel insurance is viewed from now going forward. You have to be attentive to the conditions and aware of unexpected risks. It is also clear that saving money when buying travel insurance is not a good idea, and so you have to be willing to spend an extra coin for a better cover.


Some insurance companies are kind enough to cancel their customer's trips because they already know its impossible for you to travel. It is an advantage because they are willing to offer alternative holidays for those affected. Some of the terms you may have to put up with include:

  • You have to go on a trip within the next 18 months without any changes, such as increased holiday length.
  • You can change your destination and make sure it's a safe country to visit. But your cost should not increase, and if the premium has to e increased, you pay the difference to ave the cover changed.

Talk to your insurance company if you had already booked a trip and see what solution they have to offer travel insurance for the corona virus may be hard to get, but it's not impossible to get something right.



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Best Disposable Face Mask 2020 | Preventive Measure Against Covid


Health experts are advising everyone to cover their mouth and nose when in public places. This is just one of the measures to enhance preventive measures against the COVID-19. Other ways are washing your hands and staying at home to avoid contact with other people. However, some reasons make it compulsory for you to go out, and you cannot overlook personal safety. The virus is spread when you touch your eyes, mouth, or nose with germs-infested hands.


Wearing a face mask is quite useful as it covers your mouth and nose. When everyone puts on these masks, there is low or no chance of spreading droplets that can spread the disease. If you are not a medic, do not go for those meant for healthcare providers to avoid causing unnecessary shortage of the essentials. Given that this is new to everyone identifying the best disposable facemasks is a daunting task.

Doctors say that it is hard to tell if someone is infected or not because some patients do not look sick, but are still contagious. The disposable face mask is supposed to shield you from such situations.  The temporary face cover shows that you care about your health and that of others.

Disposable Face Masks Respirators :

These are premium disposable face masks that are highly effective in sealing germs from the air. They are made with high standards, and when worn correctly, pathogens cannot reach your mouth or nose. Respirators come in three models of disposable masks. The N95 can protect you 95% of germs that are more than 100 nanometres (nm). COVID-19 virus is said to be 125nm. The other types are N99, and N100 cab seal off more than 99% of germs that is over 100nm.

Wearing a mask as you go about your tasks can make you a little breathless because the nose and mouth are covered. The respirators have a valve that allows air to get out our as you exhale. Medical experts say that can expose the people around you if you infected. Anyone who has to use this type of a disposable face mask must be tested and declared healthy.

Why Use a Disposable Respirators :

The Respirators are suitable for sensitive skin because the material used to manufacture them is soft anf comfortable to your face. Some people develop rashes or skin redness if they use certain fabrics. If you are medical a provider, this can cause distraction, and itchiness puts you at risk of getting an infection as you touch your face. These facemasks are the best for healthy persons who want to be comfortable and at ease as they go about their work.

1. It can filter the tiniest particles:

The respirators will protect you from the minute particles of COVID-19 that can float in the air, especially when you are near a patient. The masks have been in use in industries to protect employees from the invisible impurities in the air.

2. Filters Germs:

The respirators are made to filter pathogens and ensure you inhale only clean air. They can protect you from all types of diseases, causing particles such as viruses, bacteria, or any other harmful germs that may be in the air.

3. Universal design:

These masks are made for everyone independent of the gender, facial features, or size of the face. They are made to fit comfortably to cover the nose and mouth, without making you breathless. Children below two years should not wear them, though. Older kids can use them daily, but remember to dispose of the used pieces properly.

4. Surgical mask:

Surgical masks resonate with the medical space. Doctors and other medical staff have been using surgical masks for a long time. The pleats at the front distinguish the surgical masks, and the fabric is light. When using a surgical mask, ensure that you cover the nose and mouth completely.

Pros for Disposable surgical masks :

  • Surgical masks are readily available. You can place an order online and receive a package at your doorstep. They are not pricey, and you can buy as many as you need.
  • These masks are soft and friendly to the skin. You can tighten it around the face to protect yourself, and the fabric does not soil due to sweat. You will stay comfortable for many hours.
  • The light fabric allows air in and out without making you feel breathless or like you are gasping for air, especially if you are walking or doing some intense work. You can talk with your mouth covered without sounding muffled. These advantages make the surgical masks popular with journalists as they report in the field.
  • The pleats allow you to increase the size of the mask as you stretch to cover a more significant part of your face. The ability to stretch makes the mask more versatile because it can fit in all types of face no matter the size.

The World Health Organisation is cautioning people not to use the medical masks to avoid creating a shortage. COVID-19 has changed lifestyles, and everyone must wear these masks if they wish to overcome the virus. The disposable masks are an excellent option.

Key Reasons to wear a disposable mask :

The disposable face mask will protect you from infections or spreading the germs to others. This cannot be overstated. Face masks are the most effective ways to protect yourself and those around you. You should not touch the mask, and if you do, then you are required to sanitize or wash your hands thoroughly.


People need to go outside, although coronavirus is increasing every day, and health experts advising them to stay at home. However, you cannot step out with sufficient protection; the disposable mask comes in handy. They help you move on with life despite the high-risk exposure.

If you are a medical worker, you need a disposable face mask to help patients. Doctors are always interacting with patients because they must provide health care for them. After attending to the sick, the medical care provider can dispose of the mask and pick another.

Respirators and surgical masks remain the best disposable masks you will find in the market. They are available under various brand names, just make sure you buy from a reputable company.


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Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers 2020 | How to Select ?

A hand sanitizer is for everyone, whether working in the office, at home or outdoors.  Hygiene is a crucial part of your everyday activities.  With covi19 wreaking havoc everywhere worldwide, you can't overlook the importance of having a sanitizer with you all the time.

According to the Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention or CDC, washing your hands is the simplest way to get rid of germs and prevent sickness.

While washing hands is effective, it can only be used with plenty of water and a soap.

Luckily studies show that alcohol based hand sanitizers are equally effective and even can be used in environments where there is water scarcity.

The best alcohol based hand sanitizer brands make hand washing easier than using soap and water, where 97% do not even wash their hands properly.

Choosing the ideal hand sanitizer :

Picking a hand sanitizer is not the easiest thing to do. There are many brands in the market, and each promises excellent results. However, you can consider these factors to help you settle for the best.

Brand of Hand Sanitizers :


The brand of a hand sanitizer says a lot about it. You cannot buy a product you ave never heard off unless you can view genuine reviews online. Buy from a company that has a reputation for delivering high-quality products, and you will be guaranteed excellent results.

Consider the Price:

The prices of hand sanitizers range from cheap to costly ones. They are designed to appeal to various needs, including offices, homes, and hospitals. You choose what to buy, depending on your sanitizing needs, and this is mostly what determines the price you have to pay.

Rating and Customer Reviews :

Always read the reviews of a hand sanitizer before you buy it. You get to know about its scent and effectiveness from people who have tried it firsthand. Avoid any that causes irritation or leaves a residue.

Why Use Isopropyl as Hand Sanitizer:

Isopropyl alcohol is effective in killing bacteria, viruses, and germs. This combination is highly flammable but highly recommended by the FDA. The outbreak of Covid19 has seen a high demand for hand sanitizers, but most people didn't know what to buy between alcohol-based and free-alcohol sanitizers.  Both FDA and CDC recommend the use of hand sanitizers that contain between 60% and 95% alcohol to maximize efficiency.  

Benefits of buying one of the best alcohol-based hand sanitizer brands:

1. Effective Sanitization: 

Cleanliness is one of the main reasons you buy any type of sanitizer. However, an alcohol-based one is more effective in killing germs. When used correctly, it eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria found in the hands. CDC recommends using it before you touch any food, especially when you have around animals or may have handled garbage. You do not need water unless your hands have visible dirt.

2. Easy to Carry With You:

A sanitizer is portable, and you can use t anywhere. You can bring a small bottle in the pocket or bag, and when you need to wash your hands, you just do it without looking for a sink. It comes in handy after visiting washrooms, but long queues are waiting for a single sink to wash hands. Besides, if you want to grab some snacks or have been in public places, it will help clean your hands.

 3. Best for Larger Groups:

In a classroom, office, or anywhere with heavy traffic, germs and viruses can spread quickly. However, a hand sanitizer is the best for large groups. Students, employees, and teachers can kill germs and bacteria periodically throughout the day. Other group settings include gyms, shopping malls, and markets where people touch surfaces and cannot quickly spread viruses.

4. Better at Getting Rid of Germs :

Isopropyl alcohol as a hand sanitizer is better than a free-alcohol one. It is more effective in killing bacteria and germs, according to studies by the CDC. It helps to control flu during the winter season, and currently, alcohol-based sanitizers are in high demand due to Covid19. Keeping hands clean is crucial, and hence the need to use a sanitizer.

Different Type of Sainizers:

1. Wipes:

These wipes are easy to use as you simply wipe clean your hands. They are portable and come in beautiful packaging that you put in your pocket or just place them on a table where you can pick one whenever you need to use it. However, when exposed, they lose their moisture and the ability to sanitize.

2. Gels:

The alcohol-based sanitizing gel is the most common type of sanitizer used by the majority of people. You can find it both large and small bottles. It is easy to use, and all you need is to put a little in your hands and rub it.

3. Sprays:

Sprays are easier to use when you want to sanitize surfaces. They are as effective as gel sanitizers.

Why Is Hand Washing Essentials ?

Hand washing is essential for everyone at all times. Medical experts recommend keeping your hands clean. Currently, cleans hands are important because they ensure you do not spread Covod19 infections by touching the nose, eyes, and mouth.

What is the Best TIme To Sanitize Your Hands ?

You sanitize your hands any time; your hands are exposed to viruses and germs. Besides, you shouldn't eat anything without cleaning your hands first. This applies even when the house. Keep a sanitizer with you all the time.

Where Can You Find a Sanitizer That Meets CDC Guidelines ?

When buying a sanitizer, make sure the formula has between 60% and 95% alcohol concentration. This is what the CDC recommends to inactivate and kill germs. The higher the amount of alcohol in a sanitizer, the more effective it is.

When looking for the best alcohol-based hand sanitizer brands, don't look beyond Instant Hand Sanitize Gel. It is offers you 24 hours of protection after a single application. It doesn't have a residue and leaves you hand feeling clean and smooth.

Rub a sufficient amount of the sanitizer on your hands for about 15 seconds. It dries out quickly, and you are free of germs and viruses.

I hope this article has helped you in your buying decision. Please share this article on social Media to create awareness about alcohol based hand sanitizers

Stay Safe and Keep Healthy.

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Hand Washing Signs Printables | Raise Awareness and FIght Covid 19


Keeping the hands clean is essential for everyone at work or school. The hands account for 89% spread of germs leading to outbreaks of different diseases. 

Workers and students can reduce the risk of infection in a big way. Offices must put "Employees must wash hands sign printable" at important locations to pass information quickly to everyone as they get to their workplace.

It ensures they wash hands to avoid passing germs to the others.

The same should be done students at school. A big wash hands signs at Schools will remind the students to clean their hands before they go to their respective classes. 

The FDA or U.S Food and Drug Administration recommends hand washing regularly, especially before eating or preparing foods.

How Do Washing Hands Help To Prevent Spread Germs and Illnesses?

  • Most people cannot help touching their mouth, nose, and eyes. You do this without realizing that you are spreading germs through the mouth, nose, and eyes.
  • Unwashed hands spread bacteria and viruses onto anything that you touch. When students fail to wash hands to sign up for school, they can quickly spread infections when they eat or drink and make people fall sick.
  • Hand washing removes any germs that can cause respiratory and diarrhea diseases.

How Does Hand Washing Help People Stay Healthy

Encouraging employees to wash hands helps people in the following ways:

  • It lowers diarrhea by between 23 and 40%.
  • It lowers the chances of diarrhea infections in people with weak immunity by up to 58%.
  • It reduces respiratory diseases such as colds by between 16% and 21%.
  • It reduces school absenteeism in children by between 29% and 57%. Clean hands prevent gastrointestinal illness.

When should you make sure you wash hands?

When it comes to a workplace or school, everyone must know when to wash their hands. Here are some common instants:

  • When you get to work are, or in classroom, the first thing you should do is wash your hands. It helps get rid of germs you collected from different surfaces on your way to school.
  • After you touch any food or food-processing gadgets. This is especially important if you come into contact with raw meat or its packaging materials.
  • After an employee or a student has used the restroom, they need to wash or sanitize their hands
  • Coughing or sneezing spreads respiratory diseases. It is, therefore, essential that you wash hands even after coughing or sneezing on a handkerchief or tissue.
  • Once you have touched dirty equipment or surfaces, there is a possibility of cross-contamination if hands are not washed immediately. This is the major reason employees must wash hands sign printable.
  • Before removing gloves, the hands need to be washed. Most people think gloves protect them.
  • After you wipe your hands with your clothes or a disposable clean towel, you should wash your hands.
  • After you have handled money, you need to sanitize.

Think about the germs and bacteria that employees and students can have. You should wash your hands and help eliminate the possibility of spreading infections.

How to Encourage Employees or Students to Wash Hands

Here are five ways you can encourage your employees or students to wash their hands. They include:

Provide high-quality soap

High-quality soap with a nice smell and nice feel will encourage people to wash hands. Look for great ways to install a soap dispenser such as a free-touch soap service and free paper towels to dry hands. A hand dryer can also come in handy and will enough people to wash hands as soon as they get to school or workplace.

A clean hand washing station with Hand Washing Signs Printables

Make sure the handwashing sink or any other station is clean all the time. People will not want to wash their hands in a filthy area.

Also arrange to hang Hand washing Signs Printables indicating the best procedure of washing hands or with some motivational messages at hand washing stations

Create awareness materials :

Create some easy to understand materials, including posters and stickers on walls to let your employees and students that hand washing is essential.

Make it interesting :

Create posters, reward systems, games, and other conversation started to encourage hand washing. This explains in a fun way why they must wash hands, and they will comply with the rule. Some people are not aware of how dangerous their hands can be to their health if not washed regularly, but, making it interesting, they will want to know more and try it.  With time, they will make it a habit to wash hands and keep everyone safe within an institution or school.

Train them :

According to FDA, talk to your students or employees about handwashing. Let everyone know that it’s imperative to wash hands before their shift or class begins. Even after someone has removed gloves, he or she should wash hands for about 20 seconds. Besides, you can discuss with them about national and local foodborne diseases. This will make them see the importance of cleaning their hands before settling in.

Make it Priority :

Prioritize handwashing, especially in schools where some students are likely to avoid it. When it becomes a mandatory requirement, everyone will comply.

Motivate them :

Encourage people in every way possible and avoid stating it as a rule. You can use rewards to honor those who comply and will not skip the handwashing.

Handwashing is one of the activities that should never be overlooked. Whether you make it a priority or reward those, who comply. Employees must wash hands sign printable serves as a reminder, but some people will still ignore them.

Let everyone know the importance and the repercussions of failing to comply. It will help create a healthy working or learning environment. People will not have to take antibiotics due to infections, and it will reduce the chances of developing resistance to these drugs. Besides, it keeps antibiotics-resistant germs and viruses away.


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5 Best Non-Contact Infrared Medical Thermometers 2020 | Buying Guide


5 Best Non-Contact Infrared Medical Thermometers

The feeling of being sick is terrible, and it’s even worse if you have to put a thermometer in your mouth to check your temperature. It can quickly induce vomiting, especially if you are feeling nauseated.

Besides, as a parent, it’s not easy to stick the thermometer long enough in a child’s mouth to know the temperature.

Now, you have the non-contact thermometers. You do not have to touch the skin of the sick person as the thermometer has sensors that perform accurately. Read on for more information:

With so many models in the market, you may not know which one to buy, but we have made it easy by compiling the 5 best non-contact infrared medical thermometers reviews.  

Gun Non-Contact Digital Thermometer:

The non-contact gun thermometer is CE and FDA approved. Both children and adults can use it without touching the patient. This thermometer measures human temperature accurately, ranging from 32℃-42.2℃.  The temperature indicator comes in three colors. They are red, which means a high fever, yellow means attention needed, and green stands for low or normal.

When looking for the best non-contact infrared forehead thermometer, this one should be on your list. It can be used at a distance of 2 cm, which prevents any cross-infection. It is equipped with a led digital screen that you point directly to the sick person’s forehead and operates with the easy to understand buttons. It has an alarm that alerts you when the fever is too high and can save up to 32 test records.

IDA Non-Contact Infrared ThermThermometer

IDA non-contact thermometer is healthier and safer to use. It only takes a second to measure a person’s temperature when pointed directly to the forehead. The thermometer’s digital LCD screen senses the temperature without bothering the patient. No touching or coming into close contact, which ensures infections, are not passed from one person to another.  This intelligent thermometer has alarms and colors that quickly tell about the health of a patient. If you use on your baby, it helps know how the temperature is changing as it keeps records of previous tests.

The three colors in the digital thermometer are green, yellow, and red. Green indicates normal temperature, yellow means the fever is slightly high, and red indicates a high fever.  The thermometer is easy to use and comes with protection material that keeps safe away in a non-hospital setting.

You can choose to use ℉ or ℃ and use it with anyone regardless of their age. The LCD screen comes with a backlight for clear reading even at night. When not using it, you can use the auto-off function to save your battery life. It has a silent mode that allows you to take the temperature of a sleeping baby or patient with waking them up.

Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer:

Unlike the ordinary traditional thermometers, the Non-Contact Forehead Gun thermometer keeps a 2 cm distance between you and the patient. You do not touch the baby or the adult with a fever. You are protected from infections, and the results are ready with a second. You get the results in the form of colors, which include red, green, and yellow. Green shows normal temperature, yellow alerts of you slight increase in temperature, and red means the temperature is exceptionally high.


This digital thermometer can keep data of up to 32 tests and will not delete even after the auto shut off goes on after 30 seconds on non-operational.  Whatever you prefer between Fahrenheit and Celsius is available in this thermometer. You can quickly switch between the two and use that you can quickly understand.

Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer

 The Infrared Forehead thermometer is a good choice when looking for the best non contact infrared forehead thermometer. It gives you a safe and healthy way to check the temperature of a loved one without putting yourself at risk.  The readings are ready within a second and will not disturb the sick person. You simply point at the affected person and press on the button. It quickly shows the readings in either ℉ or ℃. You can use it for your baby, adults, and even senior family members.

The alarm alerts you when the fever is too high. The ability to keep temperature readings of up to previous test comes handy when monitoring a patient. You can compare them and take the right action. This thermometer shuts off automatically when not in use, which saves the battery for prolonged use.

Launch Infrared Non-Contact IR Thermometer:

This medical forehead non-contact infrared thermometer ensures you do not touch the skin of the other person when taking their temperature measurement. It is a delicately designed thermometer and offers high accuracy.

The thermometers fever warning alarm goes off when the temperature is too high. It also has large operating buttons and a clear, highly sensitive LCD screen, which guarantees you precise results. It can be used with children, the elderly, and any other adult. It has both ear and forehead functions and is suitable where mass temperature testing is needed.  It takes less than a second to capture temperature details, and a beep sound tells you when it’s done.

 Having a loved one whose body temperature keeps changing is hard to cope with. But, with a thermometer, you will know when to call 911.

Why Non Contact Infrared Thermometers:

Having to insert a thermometer in a patient’s mouth is not only disturbing to them but also puts you at risk of contracting their infection.  

Since Infrared thermometers are not to be inserted in mouth , you should not be much worried about how to use infrared thermometers on baby as the procedure remain same.

You no longer have to put up with such, you can buy non contact infrared medical thermometers to use at home.  The forehead thermometer makes checking someone’s temperature as easy as ABCs. If you do not know what to buy, you can choose among the five best thermometers highlighted above.

I hope the article will help you in selecting the best Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. In case you need any more information , Please leave a comment below and I will get back to you at the earliest.