The Best Kitchenaid Blenders 2020 | Buying Guide To Help You

The Best Kitchenaid Blenders :

A kitchen with all essential gadgets for cooking makes it easy to make any recipe. A blender has become a necessary device for modern culinary needs. Kitchenaid blenders are user friendly and come with a simplified manual that enables you to operate the gadget effortlessly.


How To Use A Kitchenaid Blender :

First, you must assemble the upper part that resembles a water jug on to the base that has the power cord that connects the blender to the source of power. Place the food in the pitcher, plug your blender to a power source and switch on before pressing the button that matches your blending requirements. It can be chopping or merely blending.  Once the contents are well blended, you can stop it. You have to careful not to overload the gadget; if you have a lot of stuff to blend, do it in bits.

Please note that only the pitcher and blade should be cleaned. The base should not come in to contact with water. If you love cooking and experimenting with new dishes, you should use one of these five best Kitchenaid blenders.

5 Best Kitchenaid Blenders

1. K400 Countertop Blender :

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K400 countertop blender is a powerful kitchen gadget with a 1.5 peak horsepower motor. It is an excellent choice because of the preset programs, along with its ability to crush ice cubes leading to an icy drink or smoothie. You can adjust the speed from the Soft Start Feature and increase gradually to avoid splattering your food.  This blender gives the best blend for hard ingredients that cannot be ground by any other. 

Besides, it senses the state of your content and will maintain the best speed to work on your ingredients thoroughly. The package comes with a jar expansion pack that can hold up to 8oz. If you wish to increase the jug up to 16oz, you can buy separately.

2. KitchenAid KFP0718CU Food Processor – 7 Cup Blender

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 The 7-cup blender has been applauded as a must-have in your kitchen. The blender has three-speed option including Pulse, Low and High, with easy to press controls. It is the best for chopping vegetables and usable daily if you love home-cooked meals. Chopping and slicing your tomatoes, vegies or cucumbers has never been easier as you can choose the various shapes that you want. Assembling the pitcher is quick because the design allows you to fit the bowl on the base with a single click.

 There is a feature that makes it possible to make sauces or dressings with a blender. It comes with great additions, especially the reversible medium shredding disc and a multi-purpose blade, as well as the high volume, 7-cup bowl.

3. Kitchenaid Thermal Control Jar Blender :

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 This blender is for anyone who wants to consume healthy meals. It comes with a powerful motor system that makes it ideal for blending big or chunky ingredients. You can mix a filling fruit in or chop vegetables in large pieces. If you are making a hot mixture, the bowl retains the heat, and you do not have to put back on the stove after blending. You will love the results because the programs deliver the specific mixture that you want. You can make juice, soup, and even smoothie using these options as provided. This blender is premium products that are made to last for a long time with a diminishing its performance. 

The most significant advantage for this blender is the high power motor and the eleven varied speed programs. It can also be washed in the dishwasher, and the metal cast base makes stable on the kitchen counter as you blend. The shortcoming is the bulkiness and costly.

4. Kitchenaid Diamond Blender :

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 This blender is powerful because it has a powerful vortex that makes it very fast at an optimal pace that ensures that is the ingredients are well blended. The bowl enables you to scoop out all the mixture with losing it on the surface, and the metal makes the blender sturdy. Many homeowners love the Diamond Blender because it can be washed in the dishwasher.  All the pieces, including the blades and the lids, are dishwasher friendly. 

Apart from high performance, the bowl is solid and does not break or gets scratched easily. It can hold up to 60 ounces in the large jar that is made in a way that it cannot course any spills in the kitchen. However, you should have enough space in the kitchen to accommodate this gadget. Kitchenaid has delivered a blender that makes your work easy and thorough with any recipe via the Kitchenaid Diamond Blender. 

This blender comes in several colours, so if you like having a particular shade theme, this is the gadget to buy. Another advantage of the diamond blender is the ability to maintain optimal speed and comes with a program of five-speed variations. It can also be washed in the dishwasher, which is a win for many kitchen owners.

5. Kitchenaid Torrent Blender :

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This is a multiple purpose blender and so easy to use. It is very stable on the kitchen counter, and you can leave the blender running without risking an accident in the kitchen. When the mixture is done, the gadget stops. It is the ideal blender for anyone who has to multitask in the kitchen. The most significant advantage is the metallic base that makes steady as you blend. Besides, the programs are clear on shiny buttons.


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Tips For Picking the best Kitchenaid Blender :

 Kitchenaid blender meets the general criteria that most people use to buy a quality blenders. The first feature you should watch out for is the speed setting. Various ingredients require different speed to blend. Also, each recipe special and require mixing multiple types of components, including meat or even nuts. You should look for the one with the ability to blender a wide variety of ingredients.

Some  Kitchenaid blender models have as many as eleven-speed settings hence making them an excellent choice for your kitchen. You should consider the volume of the should hold at least for cups, and the Kitchenaid blenders have large jugs that can take more than ten bowls. These blenders can be used for small meals as well as large ones.



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