How to Choose the best Kitchen Sink- 5 Things you should know

Best Kitchen Sinks :

Did you ever notice that your kitchen revolves around a bowl-shaped fixture, generally known as the sink or what you call a wash basin? Yes, you heard it right, the least demanding, but still, the most multitasking feature of the daily household is the kitchen sink. Thus before buying the best sink for your kitchen, You must know -” How to Choose the best Kitchen Sink wisely ?”

Here is the list of the factors that you should consider while choosing you “perfect” sink


  • Size Matters: Making your kitchen look beautiful depends on the correct size of the kitchen sink that is perfectly placed in its right space. It is important to know what size of the sink suits your needs as well as the overall kitchen setup. A large sink though provides more space for washing dishes but takes away the additional space which is critical in smaller kitchens. Moreover, a large sink may also demand you to modify the whole cabinet spacing of your kitchen.
  • A style that Slays: Choosing the right type of the sink also counts. Amidst the various different shapes of the sink available, it is very important to decide the shape that caters your needs.

   Farmhouse or Apron Sink:

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The 17th-century authentic farmhouse sinks, also known as the apron sink, gained much popularity due to the stars like Chip and Joanna Gaines. These are generally large, single wash basins with a vintage vibe.


The farmhouse sink not just provides a large room for piling up the dishes but in addition, also results in the minimal splashing of water due to its depth. You could easily wash and rinse without making much of a mess. They work best with the extendable kitchen faucets and have a large variety to choose from.


Though a farmhouse sink makes a design statement with the tons of varieties available, be it stainless, copper, cast iron, stone or white fireclay. There remains one single issue in all of them, these sinks are larger and thus requires you to modify the existing cabinets. Moreover, they often don’t suit in a small kitchen.

Double Bowl Sinks:

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A double bowl sink, as the name suggests has two separate basins in a single unit. The two basins are usually of the same size or might vary according to the purpose.


A double bowl sink helps a lot in multitasking. While you can fill one side of the basin with soapy water the other could be used in rinsing the dishes with clear water. You may also use the separate basins for piling up the dirty dishes and preparing the meal.


The double bowl sink requires a large counter space and thus might not act feasible in a small kitchen. The division of the two basins may also provide you with a less space for washing your dishes.

Overmount Sinks :

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The most famous, self-rimming, “drop-in” sinks are one of the most commonly used sinks in the kitchen household. These sinks make a space for themselves on the countertop.


With the visible lip over the countertop, these sinks provide a large space to wash dishes. The size of the cabinet does not hamper their installation thus making these sinks cheaper and simpler to install.


The overmount lip makes it difficult to clean since the food particles and dirt easily gets accumulated over the edges.

Undermount Sinks :

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The new and modern Undermount sink have already made their way into the household with its larger utilization. These sinks are installed below the counter and do not have a visible rim.


These sinks provide a large countertop space and make it easier to clean the countertop.


Undermount sinks require a lot of care since they don’t have visible edges. One must be cautious not to fill them up with water up to the brim. These sinks are costlier and difficult to install and must be provided with the exact space.

Make way for the Material :

You may not cook every day but the kitchen sink is used almost every time you enter your kitchen. Thus it is very essential to choose the right material for your kitchen sink. There are various options to choose from such as stainless steel, enamel, porcelain, and granite.

Stainless Steel Sinks:

These are one of the most commonly used sinks and fits in all sizes of the kitchen. They are easy to clean and durable. However, these sinks get easily scratched and seem a bit washed out after a period of time. The stainless steel kitchen may also not go with a vintage or royal themed kitchen.

Enameled Sinks:

This beautiful multi-colored sinks will essentially go with your choice of decor. However, these sinks have the potential to get damaged easily and are prone to easy scratching and melting.

Porcelain Sinks:

These sinks provide a multicolored authentic and vintage look to our kitchen. However, they are costlier, hard to install and clean and also prone to stains and marks.

Granite Sinks:

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The granite sinks add a stunning look to the kitchen. The solid granite particles make these sinks much more durable. These sinks lack stains, watermarks, and scratches. However these sinks and costlier, and requires a large maintenance

Dig Deep:

The depth of bowl also is one of the major factors you need to consider while choosing your sink. The deep sinks prevent water splashes and also reduces mess. However, you may find it uncomfortable to reach the bottom of the sink depending upon your preferences

Get Going with Accessories:

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Who doesn’t require additional accessories available with the kitchen sink? You must definitely take into account the various accessories such as cutting boards, prep bowls, knife blocks, colanders and racks for dishcloths or cleaning utensils that are provided by the manufacturer. Choose wisely the sink that suits your needs and the additional accessories that act as the cherry on the top.

Isn’t the kitchen sink the most valuable feature of your kitchen? So, which one would you go for?

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