Hand Washing Signs Printables | Raise Awareness and FIght Covid 19

Hand Washing Signs Printables :


Keeping the hands clean is essential for everyone at work or school. The hands account for 89% spread of germs leading to outbreaks of different diseases. 

Workers and students can reduce the risk of infection in a big way. Offices must put “Employees must wash hands sign printable” at important locations to pass information quickly to everyone as they get to their workplace.

It ensures they wash hands to avoid passing germs to the others.

The same should be done students at school. A big wash hands signs at Schools will remind the students to clean their hands before they go to their respective classes. 

The FDA or U.S Food and Drug Administration recommends hand washing regularly, especially before eating or preparing foods.

How Do Washing Hands Help To Prevent Spread Germs and Illnesses?

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  • Most people cannot help touching their mouth, nose, and eyes. You do this without realizing that you are spreading germs through the mouth, nose, and eyes.
  • Unwashed hands spread bacteria and viruses onto anything that you touch. When students fail to wash hands to sign up for school, they can quickly spread infections when they eat or drink and make people fall sick.
  • Hand washing removes any germs that can cause respiratory and diarrhea diseases.

How Does Hand Washing Help People Stay Healthy

Encouraging employees to wash hands helps people in the following ways:

  • It lowers diarrhea by between 23 and 40%.
  • It lowers the chances of diarrhea infections in people with weak immunity by up to 58%.
  • It reduces respiratory diseases such as colds by between 16% and 21%.
  • It reduces school absenteeism in children by between 29% and 57%. Clean hands prevent gastrointestinal illness.

When should you make sure you wash hands?

When it comes to a workplace or school, everyone must know when to wash their hands. Here are some common instants:

  • When you get to work are, or in classroom, the first thing you should do is wash your hands. It helps get rid of germs you collected from different surfaces on your way to school.
  • After you touch any food or food-processing gadgets. This is especially important if you come into contact with raw meat or its packaging materials.
  • After an employee or a student has used the restroom, they need to wash or sanitize their hands
  • Coughing or sneezing spreads respiratory diseases. It is, therefore, essential that you wash hands even after coughing or sneezing on a handkerchief or tissue.
  • Once you have touched dirty equipment or surfaces, there is a possibility of cross-contamination if hands are not washed immediately. This is the major reason employees must wash hands sign printable.
  • Before removing gloves, the hands need to be washed. Most people think gloves protect them.
  • After you wipe your hands with your clothes or a disposable clean towel, you should wash your hands.
  • After you have handled money, you need to sanitize.

Think about the germs and bacteria that employees and students can have. You should wash your hands and help eliminate the possibility of spreading infections.

How to Encourage Employees or Students to Wash Hands

Here are five ways you can encourage your employees or students to wash their hands. They include:

Provide high-quality soap

High-quality soap with a nice smell and nice feel will encourage people to wash hands. Look for great ways to install a soap dispenser such as a free-touch soap service and free paper towels to dry hands. A hand dryer can also come in handy and will enough people to wash hands as soon as they get to school or workplace.

A clean hand washing station with Hand Washing Signs Printables

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Make sure the handwashing sink or any other station is clean all the time. People will not want to wash their hands in a filthy area.

Also arrange to hang Hand washing Signs Printables indicating the best procedure of washing hands or with some motivational messages at hand washing stations

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Create awareness materials :

Create some easy to understand materials, including posters and stickers on walls to let your employees and students that hand washing is essential.

Make it interesting :

Create posters, reward systems, games, and other conversation started to encourage hand washing. This explains in a fun way why they must wash hands, and they will comply with the rule. Some people are not aware of how dangerous their hands can be to their health if not washed regularly, but, making it interesting, they will want to know more and try it.  With time, they will make it a habit to wash hands and keep everyone safe within an institution or school.

Train them :

According to FDA, talk to your students or employees about handwashing. Let everyone know that it’s imperative to wash hands before their shift or class begins. Even after someone has removed gloves, he or she should wash hands for about 20 seconds. Besides, you can discuss with them about national and local foodborne diseases. This will make them see the importance of cleaning their hands before settling in.

Make it Priority :

Prioritize handwashing, especially in schools where some students are likely to avoid it. When it becomes a mandatory requirement, everyone will comply.

Motivate them :

Encourage people in every way possible and avoid stating it as a rule. You can use rewards to honor those who comply and will not skip the handwashing.

Handwashing is one of the activities that should never be overlooked. Whether you make it a priority or reward those, who comply. Employees must wash hands sign printable serves as a reminder, but some people will still ignore them.

Let everyone know the importance and the repercussions of failing to comply. It will help create a healthy working or learning environment. People will not have to take antibiotics due to infections, and it will reduce the chances of developing resistance to these drugs. Besides, it keeps antibiotics-resistant germs and viruses away.


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