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If you want a great pastime, the Cards Against Humanity Expansion pack is the ideal choice. It is a popular party game where players have to fill up some blank statements with phrases or words that look or sound offensive and politically incorrect.

There are several decks that you can pick. However, most people do not know how to choose what’s right for them. The easiest way to learn about the various card decks is to determine the different Expansions available.

This game is a hilarious game with a twist of evil. One player asks questions from the black card, and the other will find a funny answer from the white cards. In this article, you will be amazed to learn about the 15 categories organized into an index.

Priod Pack

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The period pack is the best if you like surprising yourself in a game. These cards are scented so that they do not start stinking after using them for some time or locking them away. This deck has 30 cards that create a game full of revelations. You can play these cards every month.

Absured Box

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This game has 300 cards that will stir your mind. The pack has 255 white, and 45 are black. This is a great party game that is recommended for a person over 17 years. This is the weirdest game in the Cards Against Humanity collection. The creative imagination has created a game that will keep you entertained through the night.

Red Box

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It contains 300 cards that can expand your first deck. It is a build-up of the first, second, and third Expansion. This is just an expansion, and you must buy the original game first.

Blue Box

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This Expansion allows you to add 300 new cards to spruce up your game. It carries the same cards in the sixth, fifth, and fourth expansions. It cannot be used without the actual game.

Green Box

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This is one of the latest Expansion with a whole new 300 cards to add to your game. You will get 230 white cards and 70 black cards. It’s a new twist in your original set.

Ass Pack

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If you a back-up plan for your game night, the Ass pack Extension gives you 30 new cards with butt topics. The popular connoisseur sir mix-a-lot is a great idea. It is a well-rounded and revealing game.

90s Nostalgia Pack

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This pack will bring back your childhood and give you 30 new cards.  This is a brain teaser that paints images of the past that you had forgotten. The game covers old school fashion and repaints history. This game teaches past phrases and brings old trends to life.

Pride Pack

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This is a game that celebrates gay culture when all commercial entities celebrated it by adding a rainbow on their products. You will get 30 new cards that bring unusual experience. Their games were great by the best and your purchase will contribute to the Howards Brown Health kitty.

Theatre Pack

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This is an Expansion for everyone, independent of the gender. It comes with 30 new cards and covers every subject on the planet. Buying this card will help you contribute to the House of Theatre donation kit.

College Pack

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College is the best your life that you will never forget. It was all about quick meals, fast food, and fun. Recalling those days will bring back the best memories. There are 30 new cards about education and also the shortfalls of all-night partying.

You get the actual picture of dorm life and relive the heartbreaking moment when your college sweetheart left you. It is bittersweet moments.

Weed Pack

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This is the weirdest of the Expansion but pot has become part of lifestyle today. You will experience all about getting high and experiencing the pressures or low moments in this.

Food Pack

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Food is all fun and you will even learn new recipes. The food is divided into chomps, snick-snacks, crunches, and yellow circles. There is a whole new collection of 30 cards. These games will really test your appetite. You should order something delicious to keep your mind engaged.

Dad Pack

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Dads make rules and make life easy at the same time. This game paints a picture of your Dad with 30 new cards the feature fatherhood. Anyone can play this game. It is fun to see the hilarious side of a father’s parenting.

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What You Should Know About the Cards Against Humanity

While the Cards Against Humanity is amazing and easy to play the game, there are some rules that apply, they include:

  • Every expansion gives you blank white and black cards, but you shouldn’t use them immediately. Write some ideas on them and use the real cards to play your game and see how much they will fit in.
  • Avoid writing on the cards unless your handwriting is clear. instead, use label makers for blank cards.
  • Throw in several jokes using the blank cards to keep the game exciting. It works well especially when you have a group of friends that you know well and be sure to crack appropriate jokes.
  • Aim at spreading out the game expansions. This helps you do more and rotate new cards.

Conclusion :

Cards Against Humanity is a great way to experience different personalities. You can have fun if you let go and get carried away by the game. To keep ahead of the pack, watch what your colleagues and make a smart move.

This game requires you to be highly competitive in order to win. You have to keep changing strategy and keep up with new changes. When holding a party, the Cards Against Human is the ideal game to keep everyone awake.

Be sure to sign up for their cards’ manufacturer’s newsletter, you will know when they have new expansions or any offer on their cards. Otherwise, this is a great game to enjoy anytime you want to pass time with friends or loved ones.

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