Best Room Heaters 2019

Welcome Winter. It’s Time to Shiver and unpack all your quilts and blankets for a good nights sleep. All these quilts and Blankets, however, won’t help during the daytime while performing home activities moving around or working from home sitting on a chair. In that case, you may be searching for the best room heater to feel cozy and comfortable especially in the months from December to February. For your convenience, we have reviewed the best room heaters based on price and features. Installing a central air conditioner can be a costly option and not everyone can afford them. Nowadays a lot of options are available in Portable room heaters and you can choose the best suited to your requirement. Based on the working principals, Room heaters can mainly be classified into the following three different types Widgets

Classification Of Room Heaters

Infrared Type Room Heaters

Infrared type of air Heaters directly heat the objects without using or heating air, the same way as the sun does. The objects would absorb the energy released by Infrared rays and reflect the energy to the surroundings. This process continues until an equilibrium level or consistent temperature is achieved. Since heat is absorbed by the objects directly without loss of energy, infrared heaters are more energy efficient. Infrared Heaters are normally installed on the ceiling so that the rays coming out of heaters directly reach the floor & get absorbed by it. After reflection from the floor, heat moves upward as hot air is lighter than cold air. Since all the objects lying in the room would receive the infrared rays and reflect them, the whole room becomes warm very easily. If Room Heater of proper size has been selected, It won’t take more than  10 to 15 minutes to warm up the room.

Convection (Blower / Fan) Type Room Heaters

The Bowler or Fan type convectors have a metallic element which quickly heats up. The air discharged by the blower and coming in contact with the element,  become hot. The warm air then circulates through the grill of the convector.  Hot air being lighter would move upward and cool air will come down to take its place.  This loop of air circulation will continue. Since objects do not become hot directly, there may be a temperature difference between them. As hot air rises up, the temperature near the floor will be less. The low temperature near the floor causes an unpleasant feeling known as “Cold-Leg”.   Due to this, people would often increase the temperature setting of the heater and which in turn would lead to more electricity consumption and an increase in electricity bills.

Oil Filled Room Heaters

In oil-filled Heaters, an electric element is submerged inside the oil. Heat is transferred from the hot element to Oil. Oil molecules closer to heating element receive the heat energy and transfer it to the next layer of molecules by convection currents. The warm oil then moves upward and cool oil will come in contact with the hot element. The cycle will continue until the oil in the reservoir or fins become hot. This heat energy is then transferred to the body of shell or fins. The fins would transfer the heat energy to the air coming in touch and the same convection cycle will start. Oil-filled Room Heater work on mixed convection, conduction, and radiation principle – Convection inside, Conduction in reservoir /fins wall and convection and radiation outside. This mix of radiation and convection eliminates the possibility of dry air due to which OFR are health-friendly but they take a little more time to warm the room.

Room Heater Wattage Size Calculation

I will share with you the thumb rule for calculating the heater size for your room based on room square feet. I am considering the room ceiling at 8 feet. To calculate the wattage, you can follow the following steps

  • Measure the length and width of the room. Multiply them to get the square feet. A 12 feet long and 12 feet wide room have 144 square feet area.
  • Take into consideration the insulation of your room
    • Very good insulation correspond to consumption of 7.5 KW per square foot.
    • Average insulation corresponds to the consumption of 10 KW per square foot
    • Poor insulation corresponds to the consumption of 12.5 KW per square foot
  • For calculation purpose, I will use the average insulation supposing room to be not very old. Therefore multiply 144 square foot with 10 i.e 1440 Watt.
  • You can make slight adjustments if the ceiling is more than 8 feet by adding  25% for every 2 feet increase. Therefore if the room has a ceiling above 8 feet and up to 10 feet you need to add 25% of 1440 watt which will make it 1800 watt.

Portable Room Heater Size Calculation- General Information

Against the misconception, you are not required to change the oil in the oil room heater as the oil is only being used to convey the heat and is not consumed.

Best Room Heaters 2019

Lasko 5409 Ceramic Portable Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat :- Best Seller

Lasko was founded by Henry Lasko in 1906 with its office in Philadelphia. When Americans started moving to suburbs in the middle of the 20th century, Lasko expanded its business and opened new manufacturing units in Tennessee and Texas.

Lasko 754200 is the best selling compact space heater having 1500 watts rating.  The heater looks beautiful in silver and has easy to use manual controls with adjustable thermostat and built-in safety features.

The Orpat element heater is made up of the cool-to-touch exterior which makes it safe to be touched even while in operation. You can move it anywhere safely while it is switched on as it comes with an inbuilt handle

  • Uses a maximum of 1500 watts.
  • Cool-to-touch exterior
  • Thermal Cut
  • 3 Temperature Settings- High, Low, and FAn Only
  • Built-in carry handle
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater  (Recommended)

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DeLonghi TRD40615E has revolutionized the radiant heaters domain with its new design which can heat the room air with convection. It has got large radiant area which helps to heat people in the room quickly.

It has got the anti freezing setting which would switch on the heater automatically when the temperature fall below 44 degree Fahrenheit.  

  • Permanent sealed Oil Reservoir. Refilling not required.
  • Anti Freeze Settings
  • Rust resistant  durable material
  • 3 Heat settings
  • 24 hours on / off timer
  • Thermostatic heat control.
  •  Castor wheels help portability
  • It has got 1500 watts Power

DeLonghi HCX9115E Slim Style Convector Heater:

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 De’Longhi HCX9115E has got a very sleek design. As it can be mounted on the wall, It is the best solution for the rooms / offices where space is a constraint. It is equipped with dual afn system for quick warming of the room. The three temperature settings and and adjustable thermostat will allow you to control the temperature as per your requirement.   

Product Features
  • 3 Temperature Settings.
  • Dual Fan System
  • Over-heat protection.
  • Can be mounted on wall
  • Quick Heating

Honeywell HCE200W UberHeat Ceramic Heater- (Economical)

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The UberHeat is a 1500 watt compact Ceramic Heater with modern design. You can enjoy complete warm for comfortable stay in your room using portable heaters in your home. Honeywell has a complete range of heaters for different room sizes and needs but HCE200W portable heater is a smart and easy way to add warm to any space in your home. Rather than installing a centralized heating system and turning it on, you can save a lot of money by keeping just the room warm your in. 

Product Features:
  • Less Power Consumption due to Even and  Fast heating,
  • Comfortable: Do not produce any wind or light or odor.
  • Energy-saving: It has high electricity-heat efficiency ratio .
  • Reliable: The built quality is very good.
  • Good for health: Good physical therapy health care for the human body.
  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Trust of Honeywell Brand

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

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It is one of the best and highly recommended. The Dr Infrared Heater also consumes 1500 W of maximum energy like other Heaters but comparison ends here. Two heaters with same wattage does not mean that they will produce the same amount of Heat.

Dr Infrared heater are upto 60% more efficient than many other branded Heaters available in the market.

The reason behind the efficiency is better understanding of Heat Transfer. The Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater incorporate Advance Dual Heating System with a combination of  PTC and Quartz Infrared Element for a better heat distribution.

Dr Infrared Heater have three temperature settings i.e Low, High and Auto. When it is set kin Auto mode , the heater keeps on switching automatically  between High and Low range to maintain the desired temperature.

The benefit of Infrared rays is that they heat the objects in the room and just not only the air which provide the instant comfort to you. Since the infrared rays heats the object directly, the air in the room would retain its moisture and your skin would not dry out.

Product Features

  • Three Power Settings 1000/1500 Watt/ Auto
  • Auto thermal cut-off feature.
  • Infrared rays to heat the object.
  • Convection current in air eliminate hot and cold spots in the room.
  • Auto Energy Saving Mode.
  • Certified by UL laboratories in USA and Canada

I hope this article will help you finding the best Room  Heater for your Home. In case you need more information, Please leave a comment below.

  1. Thank you for all of this information! I know that I need some extra heat for my home, but was not sure what.
    A good friend of mine swears by the infra-red type, while my dad was always fond of oil heaters. It seems like everyone has a personal preference.
    Is there heater that seems to be the most practical of the choices? What is it about the infra red heaters that is good for the body?

  2. I live in Srinagar, India known for it’s extremely cold winters and was planning to buy room heater. Was wondering which type of room heater would provide maximum heating at the same time minimizing power consumption.

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