5 Best Non-Contact Infrared Medical Thermometers 2020 | Buying Guide

5 Best Non-Contact Infrared Medical Thermometers

The feeling of being sick is terrible, and it’s even worse if you have to put a thermometer in your mouth to check your temperature. It can quickly induce vomiting, especially if you are feeling nauseated.

Besides, as a parent, it’s not easy to stick the thermometer long enough in a child’s mouth to know the temperature.

Now, you have the non-contact thermometers. You do not have to touch the skin of the sick person as the thermometer has sensors that perform accurately. Read on for more information:

With so many models in the market, you may not know which one to buy, but we have made it easy by compiling the 5 best non-contact infrared medical thermometers reviews.  

Gun Non-Contact Digital Thermometer:

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The non-contact gun thermometer is CE and FDA approved. Both children and adults can use it without touching the patient. This thermometer measures human temperature accurately, ranging from 32℃-42.2℃.  The temperature indicator comes in three colors. They are red, which means a high fever, yellow means attention needed, and green stands for low or normal.

When looking for the best non-contact infrared forehead thermometer, this one should be on your list. It can be used at a distance of 2 cm, which prevents any cross-infection. It is equipped with a led digital screen that you point directly to the sick person’s forehead and operates with the easy to understand buttons. It has an alarm that alerts you when the fever is too high and can save up to 32 test records.

IDA Non-Contact Infrared Therm​​​​Thermometer

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IDA non-contact thermometer is healthier and safer to use. It only takes a second to measure a person’s temperature when pointed directly to the forehead. The thermometer’s digital LCD screen senses the temperature without bothering the patient. No touching or coming into close contact, which ensures infections, are not passed from one person to another.  This intelligent thermometer has alarms and colors that quickly tell about the health of a patient. If you use on your baby, it helps know how the temperature is changing as it keeps records of previous tests.

The three colors in the digital thermometer are green, yellow, and red. Green indicates normal temperature, yellow means the fever is slightly high, and red indicates a high fever.  The thermometer is easy to use and comes with protection material that keeps safe away in a non-hospital setting.

You can choose to use ℉ or ℃ and use it with anyone regardless of their age. The LCD screen comes with a backlight for clear reading even at night. When not using it, you can use the auto-off function to save your battery life. It has a silent mode that allows you to take the temperature of a sleeping baby or patient with waking them up.

Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer:

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Unlike the ordinary traditional thermometers, the Non-Contact Forehead Gun thermometer keeps a 2 cm distance between you and the patient. You do not touch the baby or the adult with a fever. You are protected from infections, and the results are ready with a second. You get the results in the form of colors, which include red, green, and yellow. Green shows normal temperature, yellow alerts of you slight increase in temperature, and red means the temperature is exceptionally high.



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This digital thermometer can keep data of up to 32 tests and will not delete even after the auto shut off goes on after 30 seconds on non-operational.  Whatever you prefer between Fahrenheit and Celsius is available in this thermometer. You can quickly switch between the two and use that you can quickly understand.

Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer

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 The Infrared Forehead thermometer is a good choice when looking for the best non contact infrared forehead thermometer. It gives you a safe and healthy way to check the temperature of a loved one without putting yourself at risk.  The readings are ready within a second and will not disturb the sick person. You simply point at the affected person and press on the button. It quickly shows the readings in either ℉ or ℃. You can use it for your baby, adults, and even senior family members.

The alarm alerts you when the fever is too high. The ability to keep temperature readings of up to previous test comes handy when monitoring a patient. You can compare them and take the right action. This thermometer shuts off automatically when not in use, which saves the battery for prolonged use.

Launch Infrared Non-Contact IR Thermometer:

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This medical forehead non-contact infrared thermometer ensures you do not touch the skin of the other person when taking their temperature measurement. It is a delicately designed thermometer and offers high accuracy.

The thermometers fever warning alarm goes off when the temperature is too high. It also has large operating buttons and a clear, highly sensitive LCD screen, which guarantees you precise results. It can be used with children, the elderly, and any other adult. It has both ear and forehead functions and is suitable where mass temperature testing is needed.  It takes less than a second to capture temperature details, and a beep sound tells you when it’s done.

 Having a loved one whose body temperature keeps changing is hard to cope with. But, with a thermometer, you will know when to call 911.

Why Non Contact Infrared Thermometers:

Having to insert a thermometer in a patient’s mouth is not only disturbing to them but also puts you at risk of contracting their infection.  

Since Infrared thermometers are not to be inserted in mouth , you should not be much worried about how to use infrared thermometers on baby as the procedure remain same.

You no longer have to put up with such, you can buy non contact infrared medical thermometers to use at home.  The forehead thermometer makes checking someone’s temperature as easy as ABCs. If you do not know what to buy, you can choose among the five best thermometers highlighted above.

I hope the article will help you in selecting the best Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. In case you need any more information , Please leave a comment below and I will get back to you at the earliest.

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