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By Choice or By Compulsion, It does not make any difference. If you happen to cook food in the kitchen on a daily basis, you will have to ensure that the ingredients in the recipe are in the right amount. The correct amount of ingredients will be the first step towards preparing a Tasty Dish.  This will also help you to maintain the same taste whenever you cook the dish. It has become very easy to control the measurement very precisely by using Digital Kitchen Scales. Selecting the best kitchen scale can be exciting particularly if you are buying it for the first time or after a very long period of time.



Selecting the right Digital Scale for your Kitchen may not be a Rocket Science but still, to avoid the wrong selection, you will have have to consider some factors.

Since the Scale is used every time you cook a dish, it is important to select one with the best features and functionalities. The look and design of the Scale are also very important as it must match your kitchen theme.

The capacity of the scale should be sufficient enough to accommodate the visits of your family and friends. While cooking for a large gathering you may have to increase the recipe portion. Some people prefer a flat design as a flat scale is capable of handling a bowl of any size.

The digital scales available in the market nowadays are meant to provide increased measuring accuracy and for the same reason, they are much superior to the manual scales used earlier.

The cost of the Kitchen scale would vary with the kind of features you are looking for in your digital scale. You may prefer a scale that can switch between U.S. and metric measurements. Since all the recipes are not the same, you may sometime need to figure out the number of ingredients with different units of measurement.

You would also like to have a scale with a large display so that numbers can easily be viewed. A backlit screen will be an added advantage when measuring in low light conditions.

There are types of scales available in the market which can be used to weigh both wet and dry Foods. These scales are designated as Aquatronic Scales. The dry foods can be weighed on the non-stick glass surface of the Scale whereas wet food can be placed on the scale in a container. Don’t forget to weigh the container first and tare the value to correctly measure the weight in the container.

There are some more features, you may be interested to look for. Some of the Scales which come with calorie counters, and timers. You may even find some with an attached thermometer so that you can measure the temperature while cooking.

The kitchen Scales manufactured with stainless steel are considered the best as they are easy to clean after use. You must select a scale that is durable and has a warranty guarantee to it.

5 Best Kitchen Scales:

Escali Digital Kitchen Scale:

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Escali offers very high-quality Kitchen Scales which are suitable for precisely measure the weight of vast range of ingredients. The Esacli Digital Kitchen Scales are regarded as one of the best Kitchen scales and provide value for money.

When Customer looks for a reliable scale, the name of Escali immediately come to their mind as they do not only produce the Kitchen Scales but bathroom Scales, Postal Scales, and Deli Scales as well.

The Escali scales are great for anyone who wishes to count the portion for weight Loss. Healthy weight formula loss can be considered as a simple arithmetic equation. You will have to keep your focus on both sides of the equation for your weight loss program.

Apart from keeping an eye on the number of calories burnt, you should use Escali Prime Food Scales for controlling calorie intake by Portion Control.

Escali kitchen scale will allow you to have a well-balanced diet by adding the correct amount of protein, fat, minerals and carbohydrates, which are all valuable for the body to maintain a healthy condition.

Escali Kitchen Scale Features:

  1. The capacity of 11 lb or 5000 g.
  2. Provide weight reading increment in .05 Oz or 1 gm.
  3. Various measurement units i.e os, lbs and grams.
  4. Very simple two-button Operation.
  5. Tare feature to subtracts the container’s weight to accurately obtain the weight of the ingredients.
  6. Durable Design
  7. Large LCD Display

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Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

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Ozeri is selected by Dana Farber Cancer Institute to conduct a study for establishing the link between prevention of Breast cancer and weight loss.

Ozeri Pronto is an elegantly designed Digital scale that is fitted with a next-generation high sensitive sensor technology to give an accurate measurement. The big surface of the Scale can accommodate large containers. The Ozeri Pronto is a multi-functional electronic scale which can be used as a postal scale or for your child’s science project.

The Ozeri Pronto can weight up to 11.24 lbs or 5100 grams in the increment of .05 oz(1 gram). The scale is fitted with a big unit button which can be used to switch between 5 units i.e( g, lbs, lbs: oz, oz, ml)

Features Of Ozeri Pronto Digital Scale:

  1. Weighs up to 11.24 Lbs or 5100 g.
  2. Reading increment of .05 OZ or 1g.
  3. A large weighing platform for large Bowls.
  4. Precision  Tare Button for calculating the ingredient weight by subtracting container weight from Total weight.
  5. Economically priced.
  6. Largest Selling on Amazon.

Etekcity Food Digital Kitchen Weight Scale:

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This Etekcity digital scale is a great choice for Your Kitchen, Home or office. It can be effectively used for both personal or commercial environments.  The scale comes fitted with an easy-to-read LCD display with a beautiful clear backlit.

The backlit remains on for 30m seconds for easy reading. The scale also has the auto-off function which turns off the scale after 2 minutes of use and helps in saving the battery

It can be used to weigh up to 11lbs or 5000 g. It has got 4 different units i.e oz, lb: oz, g, and mi. The scale can be used for precise reading increment up to 1 g or (.04 oz)

Electricity Digital Scale Feature: 

  1. Weight Capacity of 176oz or 5000g or 11 lbs.
  2. 4 Units: g / oz / lb:oz /ml
  3. Measurement Reading Increments: 0.04 oz ( 1 g)
  4. Backlit: 30 Seconds
  5. Auto Turn Off: After 2 minutes.

EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale – Professional Food and Nutrient Calculator:

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The EatSmart Nutritional Scale has been named as the most useful tool by many dieticians and Nutritionists across the USA for Carb counting and managing diabetes.

Many new features have been added to this Scale which was already being recommended by dieticians.

New EatSmart Nutritional Scale now has got the white back light for easy reading and weight capacity has been enhanced to 11 lbs.

The database of the scale store the nutritional values of approximately 1000 foods for different variant i.e Fresh, and Wholefoods.

The scale is designed to calculate the following essential nutrients like calories, carbohydrates, fiber, sodium, potassium, magnesium, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, calcium, protein, vitamin K.

GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale:

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Most of the customers love this sacle due to its minimal design combined with High accuracy.

It looks great on your counter, stores away easily, and tells you what you need to know to make better meals, whether you’re trying to count macros or perfect your signature cookie recipe. A straightforward design focused around the essentials makes it easy to quickly weigh the ingredients you use every day.

GreaterGoods Digital Scale Features: 

  1. 4 sensors for precision weighing.
  2. Accuracy within 1 gram or 0.1 ounces.
  3. High-contrast LCD screen.
  4. Auto Shuts off.
  5. The Scale calibrates automatically.
  6. It has got a smooth easy to clean plastic surface.
  7. Large weighing surface (6×6 inches)
  8. Tare/Zero function.
  9. Multifunctional: Can Switch between grams, lbs & oz, fluid ounces, and milliliters.

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