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Biodegradable Go Food Containers :

Humans consume food every day, and some essentials enable cooking and serving food. In hotels or significant events where hundreds of people have to be served, biodegradable food containers have become the most preferred way of packing meals. These containers can be used once and disposed of to decompose. They are made of a material that quickly decomposes without polluting the environment.

Luckily, there are many brands available in the market today. If you wish to buy biodegradable plates, you can look through to see what is available. Read on to some of the five biodegradable food containers that you can purchase.

5-best-biodegradable-go-food-containersTable of Contents 0.1Clamshell Take Out Food Containers :0.1.1Key Features of Clamshell Containers :0.2Kraft Brown Take Out :0.2.1Key Features of Kraft Brown Take Out :0.3Culinware Container :0.3.1Key Features of Culliware Containers :0.4Eco-friendly Palm Leaf Plates with Cutlery :0.4.1Key Features of Green Tea Containers :0.5Palm Leaf Plates with Cutlery :0.5.1Key Feature of Palm Leaf Plates with Cutlery :

Clamshell Take Out Food Containers :

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The Clamshell Take-Out Food containers are spacious, six by 6 inches, enough to fit in a burger. If you are in the fast-food business, this container will hold the food safely without risking any spillage for your customer. You can also use it to pack a snack to the office. 

It has become famous for use at events because, after use, it can be placed in the recyclable dustbin. Clamshell container is made from sugarcane fibre, making it robust and water-resistant. You can serve gravy in this container and will hold because of its robust biodegradable material. The Clamshell container is not affected by hot drinks or foods, and, you can use for cold foods like ice-cream. However, you should be aware that hot food makes the container dump at the bottom.

Key Features of Clamshell Containers :

  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Washable if you like
  • Robust structure that will not rip
  • Plastic-free and pure sugarcane fibre
  • Degrades fast
  • Varying designs available in the market
  • Oil resistant
  • Can be frozen or microwaved
  • Available in various sizes and designs

Kraft Brown Take Out :

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If you are looking for a sturdy yet compact biodegradable food container, the Kraft Brown container is the best choice. This is an environment centred product made from sot blend which keeps your food fresh for a longer time and can be used to carry all types of foods. It is toxin-free because it is made of pure natural material in a chlorine-free manufacturing process.

These containers can be used in restaurants or at home for serving or sting foods. These containers are water-resistant, which means that even gravy will not leak. They are sold in a neat stack that is designed to take up minimal space in your kitchen.

Key Features of Kraft Brown Take Out :

  • Can be used in a microwave
  • Can be used in a freezer
  • Heat resistant
  • Oil and waterproof
  • Compact sizes for portability
  • Do not rip or leak
  • Available in different sizes

Culinware Container :

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The Culinware Container has changed the collective mindset that biodegradable products must be made of earth colours. This coloured container is captivating and well designed for individuals who like premium culinary products. It has a fitting lid that keeps your food safe and prevents leakages.

They are recyclable despite the beautiful coloured designs because they are made of paper. Users can enjoy their meals from intricately built containers that are safe for the environment. Restaurants or commercial kitchens can impress their customers with these elegant containers.

Key Features of Culliware Containers :

  • Can be used in a microwave
  • Can be used in a freezer
  • Water and oil resistant
  • Green product
  • Made in appealing designs and colours

Eco-friendly Palm Leaf Plates with Cutlery :

Our Green Tea Containers are white, which makes the meal presentable. These bowls are made from cornstarch and decompose very fast without polluting the soil. They are safe to use at home and hotels because they preserve the food for long and are not affected by heat or cold.

If you are looking for containers that can carry small servings, Our Green Tea is ideal. They are used for desserts or salads at fast foods. The well-fitted lids ensure that there are no leakages. You can use them to pre-pack foods in your refrigerator because when you get home from work, weary and exhausted, you microwave the food in the container. It is safe to do so.

Key Features of Green Tea Containers :

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  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to stack and takes little space
  • You can punch lid for ventilation
  • Can be used for all food types

Palm Leaf Plates with Cutlery :

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Palm Leaf Plates with cutlery is a great innovation that beats most food container ideas available in the market. The creation offers a complete table set, and you can start eating right away without spending more money on cutleries. The whole is ecofriendly because they are made using the palm leaf using non-toxic process.

The manufacturers of Palm Leaf Plates with Cutlery use fallen leaves making to prevent tree cutting. This means that you throw the plate into your garden and it will decompose just like a dead plant. The package contains 50 pieces each – plates, forks and knives. They are best used for serving and not packaging food. These sets are popular at events where the participants want to share meals.


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Key Feature of Palm Leaf Plates with Cutlery :

  • Can be used with all types of foods
  • It’s a complete set
  • Water and oil resistant
  • Can be used in a microwave
  • Do not rip
  • Presentable at the guest table
  • Aesthetic design for impressive table setup

With such a wide variety of biodegradable food containers available in the market, you can easily make a shift from using harmful plastic products and embrace the green choice. As you eat, you must always remember that it is your responsibility to make the planet habitable for yourself and others.

These ecofriendly containers are the best because they are made of natural material that does not intoxicate our foods. If you own a business organization, you can prioritize the use of biodegradable food containers, especially if you are in the food business. You will gain a good reputation in the market, and also attract more clients because of supporting this cause.

The market has a wide variety of these products, and you can even request for customized or branded containers.

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