8 Tips For Choosing The Best Blender For Smoothies

If you don’t select the best blender with the required feature and with the right amount of power, the blender won’t be able to make delicious smoothies.

The ingredients like fruits and veggies are generally blended using a small blender like stick or hand blender, Whenever you are making smoothies.

However,  Your blender must have the ice crushing capability and enough power to blend frozen foods or ice-cube for your smoothies.


Out of many types of blenders available in the market to make smoothies. You may have to select the best blender for smoothies? Each one is able to blend fruits and veggies together into smoothies. So, how do you choose the best one among them?

When you are choosing the best blender for smoothies, you will have to give proper consideration to the following 8 important things before you decide to buy one.

Power Required:

The best blender for smoothies will demand a higher horse-powered motor. For good results, you may consider a blender with at least 500 watts or more. The more power is required to blend the ingredients to finer texture in the smoothies.

Perhaps this is the most crucial criteria in the blender. A blender with a high horse-power can blend the toughest foods and process them quickly and smoothly. For example, it can crush and liquefy ice without left-over ice particles. It can also crush frozen fruits, vegetables, frozen drinks, etc;  breaking apart tiny seeds in berries within seconds because such power can spin the blades at a very high speed.

Size and Material of Jars:

The material of the pitcher or Jar that is supplied with the blender is also a critical consideration. Before buying the blender, you would like to make sure that the size of the jar must offer the capacity to make the smoothies according to the size of your family.

Usually, Blenders are available in the market with various Pitcher sizes like  32-ounce, 48-ounce, and 64-ounce. You must select the Jar as per your family size.

The next thing you will have to should consider is the material of the Jar i.e if the jar is plastic or glass? The plastic jar is not easily broken when it is dropped. However, it can be scratched and may allow bacteria, stain, and odors to form.

A glass pitcher is heavier and easily breakdown when it’s dropped accidentally. But, a glass jar is easy to clean. By the way, you should pick the BPA (bisphenol A) free polycarbonate pitcher which is shatter-proof and doesn’t scratch easily.

 Design and Style:

You might also consider about a stylist blender with a color option that meets your preference and suitable for your kitchen theme. You might find that a few blenders are tall and may not fit on the kitchen counter. Therefore,  make sure you have sufficient room available before deciding to buy a particular blender.

Ease Of Operation:

You need to choose the blender with all the features that you need and most importantly it’s easy to operate. Some blenders have a pulse button that allows you to simply push the button to do a certain task of blending. For example, the “Ice Crushing” button to do crushing ice. This features can do blending in short bursts.

Easy To Clean:

A blender must remain clean after making smoothies. You will find liquid spills that happen to be inevitably whenever you are blending.

A push-button blender can be very difficult to clean when the liquid spills enter the buttons. A blender that comes with opting for dials, touchpads or switch controls that can be easily wiped and cleaned than push button blender.
You may like a blender with removable blades those can be cleaned easily. But, sometimes, many people also prefer the blender that has built-in blades which can be cleaned without having to take apart anything while cleaning.

Stability of Blender:

You should buy a blender which has a heavy base and a tight lid.

The heavy base of the blender is also very important. When a blender run at a very high speed, the vibrations from its motor may cause the blender to slide along the counter which may result in an accident and may scratch the surface of your counter. Just be sure to buy the blenders that has a wide, heavy metal base for stability.

Reliable Warranty:

A breakdown is a common thing for Electric Home Appliances and the best blender for smoothies is not an exception.

Thus, whenever you decide to buy a blender, you will have to make sure it has a warranty for the product and the serviceable parts. You may also like to ensure that on the site warranties are available or else you may have to carry the Blender to their service center.


Yes, The Price of the blender is also an important factor in decision making.

When you have an additional amount to invest, a high-end blender could be a great option.

A high-end blender offers many features which allow smoothie making even easier. The widely used high-end blenders are Vitamix and Blendtec. Both of them are created for high quality and used frequently. High-end blenders will cost you around $400 or higher.

Mid-range blenders can cost you around $80 – $120 or higher. These blenders are likely to be well-equipped and also have capabilities to make smoothies on a regular basis.

Cheap blenders cost around $30 or less. I think it’s best for you to stay with mid-range blenders or high-end blenders. Just my opinion, it’s your decision anyway. Cheap blender probably saves your money, however, they are more than likely not to last for a number of years.

These are all the most important things you need to consider when choosing the best blender for smoothies.

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