5 best Single door Refrigerators 2020 | Selection Guide

Best Single Door Refrigerators:

Most people make a mistake by picking a wrong mini fridge and get frustrated afterwards. Here’s exactly what you need to know about picking the right mini fridge and finding the best deal for you.


After reading this you will know exactly what you need to check before buying the best Single Door refrigerator.  

​Calculate the Space Required:

The first thing you should do when looking for a mini refrigerator is decide where in the room you can position it. If you have several options then it’s very important to count them all.

You should check for an appropriate electricity outlet, to avoid any “hanging” electricity line that can endanger you or make it uncomfortable to move around and get to your new fridge.

Also, you would want to consider the space needed to open the mini fridge door and drawers (if you like one to have them), in order to have a convenient access to its content wherever you choose to position it in the room.

Write down the exact measurements in such way, that it will include not only the size of the space your mini fridge needed when it’s closed, but also the space needed for it to open.

This should also include notes about whether the door will open to the right or to the left as a preference.

Notice that for each measurement you write down its vector – meaning its height, depth, width or door opening radius.

Now that you assessed your optional actual outside size of your mini fridge, it’s time to calculate its real capacity.

First – you will need to list your storage needs.

Is it for cans, bottles, cheese? Do you need a freezer section? Are you going to store items that must stand, or can they be laid down?

Try to size up the largest item, in its preferable position inside your mini fridge, and eliminate measurements from your previous list that might not be relevant now.

When choosing a mini fridge you should make some notes about the way you can organize your desired items in it.

How many shelves you think you would want, do you want them to be adjustable or permanent? Do you need a drawer? Do you need a freezer section, do you need your mini fridge to have an option to adjust the temperatures – do you intent to use it as a freezer occasionally or just as a regular refrigerator?

Notice that the actual capacity is usually smaller than the one stated by the manufacturer since it won’t include the capacity of the shelving system itself. The design can prevent you from using specific area of the mini fridge, like the design of the door storage if it exists in the specific model you are planning to purchase.

Now that you understand the possible miscalculation that can occur, you can be free to check the other aspects of buying a mini fridge.

As you know, there are many manufactures that sell mini fridges. You can always find a model that you didn’t research about and get frustrated afterward, thinking it could have been better for you. Since I believe you would want to enjoy the product as long as possible and avoid any technical problems, I suggest you write down the 2 manufactures you think that are the most reputable, and try to stick to their models.

Another reason you should pick a reputable manufacturer is that you’ll want to know that they can deliver on their service and warranty promises, and avoid any possible headaches if something will go wrong.

Now that you know exactly what you are looking for in terms of manufacturer and sizes- it’s time to find the best deal to go with it.

5 Best Single Door Refrigerators:

1. Kuppet Compact Refrigerator Mini Refrigerator:

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 3.2 Cu.Ft. Refrigerator from Kuppet combines Freezer in the contemporary style. The Handles of the refrigerator are very Sleek and can match with any house or kitchen theme. This small refrigerator comes with a can dispenser on its door so that canned drink can easily be organized and reached. 

  • Energy Efficient and Saves Electricity
  • Well designed to save your space but have enough room to put all the favorite Snacks and Drinks. 
  • Covered chiller compartment and included ice tray for ice cubes to keep your drinks cool.
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Adjustable Tempered Glass Shelves
  • Reversible door

2. RCA 3.2 Cu Ft Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer RFR322

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This 3.2 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator and Freezer handles cold food storage in an environmentally friendly and sustainable  way. The sleek design suits of the mini can blend with any decorative scheme of your house. A Smart interior design features make it space efficient. It has got two interior adjustable racks to accommodate your immediate needs. The shelves and beverage holders in the door provide extra storage options. The reversible door allow you to adjust the orientation of  platinum refrigerator and freezer to match the layout of your kitchen.  The thermostat can be adjusted to keep the cooled items at an optimum temperature. 

  • Contemporary Style combination of 3.2 Cubic Foot Fridge and Freezer with Platinum finish 
  • Efficient Compressor to provide Cooling for ultimate performance even in hot weather
  • Reversible Doors to adapt your Kitchen Layout
  • Slide Out Shelves for Easy Cleaning.
  • Built in Can and Bottle Holder.
  • Energy Efficient.

3. Danby Designer DCR044A2BDD Compact Refrigerator, 4.4-Cubic Feet- Recommended

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When you require a counter-high refrigerator which offers a large storage area in a compact space , Dandy’s DCR044A2BDD is the answer to your needs. Thi 4.4 cubic feet (equivalent to 126 L) high-tech refrigerator with high tech is best suited for workshops, dens, rec-rooms and lunchrooms etc.

It is fitted with a CanStor beverage dispenser to store your favourite drinks and can easily accommodate tall bottles. The Mechanical thermostat can control the temperature to provide optimum cooling.

  • 126 Liters Capacity
  • Energy Star Rated and won’t raise Your Power Bills
  • Full Width Independent Freezer Section.
  • 2.5 Shelves for Maximum Storage
  • 8 Can Door Storage
  • Can store Tall Bottles
  • Reversible Door hinges to suit Kitchen Layout
  • Mechanical Thermostat for Optimum Temperature
  • Simple Semi Automatic Defrosting System.
  • 18 Months Manufacturer warranty on parts and labour with in-home service 

4. hOmeLabs Mini Fridge – 3.3 Cubic Feet Under Counter Refrigerator

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This hOmelabs Mini Fridge has a capacity of 3.3 cu feet and is best for Small Spaces. The Dimensions  18.6 x 17.7 x 33.9 inches makes it the perfect fridge for any small area, where other refrigerators may not be kept. You can keep it in your office cabin to enjoy a refreshing bottle of water or may be put in your child’s playroom for kids drinks and juices.

You can keep it in your garage, game room, or dorm room stocked with sodas and your favorite adult beverages.


  • Very Compact and Space Saving
  • 3. Cubic Feet Capacity
  • Thermostat with three Temperature settings i.e Max, Med and Min to adjust Temperature as per requirement.
  •  Sleek black exterior to add a classy touch to any room in your home or office.
  • Unique door design that allows you to write and erase notes on the front.
  • Its reversible door can store your favorite canned beverages and there is a compartment to hold a liter of soda or a bottle of wine
  • 3 Removable shelves for easy cleaning.
  • A removable drain tray to catch drips from the freezer during defrosting.

5. BLACK+DECKER BCRK25B Compact Refrigerator Energy Star Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer, 2.5 Cubic Feet

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This compact refrigerator from Black+Decker is perfectly designed for all small places like office, bedroom, college dorm room, , workshop or anywhere you may need a compact refrigerator to keep your beverages and food cold. 

Just Like a full size fridge, it comes fitted with a full width freezer compartment with ice cube tray and adjustable thermostat control. Included Components: Ice Cube Tray

  • 2.5 Cubic Feet Capacity
  • 2 Glass Shelves
  • 2 Doors Shelves to accommodate Tall Bottle.
  • ADjustable Thermostat
  • Reversible doors
  • 2 Years Warranty on Compressors and 1 Year Warranty on Parts and labor
  • Energy Star Certified

I Hope this article will help you select the best mini refrigerator for your home or office.

In case you need more information, Please leave a comment below in comment section and do not forget to share it with your colleagues and friends  who may be looking for the best single door refrigerator.

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